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looks like i will never get an answer. maybe i shouldnt give up yet since ive never really asked. but it just seems like you would like to avoid it as much as possible.

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i feel as if youre avoiding me but maybe im thinking too much.
i hate you so much to the extent that cant unlove you. i wish you knew all these but i wish you dont. i told myself to move on but you broke up w her at the wrong timing. you always make me have a smile on my face but you break my heart the next moment.

i know what i want now. but i dont want to let my feelings surface. because its gonna hurt if he doesnt let go of her. im tired of holding back these feelings but neither do i want to admit it. i wish you’d just tell me what its all about.

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i really miss you and i want to see you again. i hope we get to spend time next week :c

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two ways to determine your feelings, i can either ask you or i can walk away and see if you`ll find me.

why do i keep missing you. i know better than to fall for you again. im hopelessly in love w your presence but youre hopelessly devoted to someone else.

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